• Why Chamvari?

    Unlike many agencies, we don’t just dabble in technology. It’s in our blood. Our architects and developers have powered some of the highest-volume sites and campaigns on the Web, and our technology practice is among the largest of any agency's. That's why.

  • Management Consultancy

    Management consulting leveraging on superior access to information, web and risk experience.

  • Supreme Web Design

    Web designing using a full consulting approach – for increased sales and market appeal.

  • Supreme Innovation

    Innovating from an inspired and multi-faceted information, business, visionary and youthful background

  • Supreme Mentorship

    Building a team of divine economists. Safeguarding the world, improving the world, making the world a better place.

  • Supreme Service

    Chose us. Because we are Supreme Chamvari. Because Supreme is better. Because Supreme powers mega online endevours. Because Supreme is the highest order of delivery. Let's compare : if we where a motor vehicle, we would be a cross between a Maybach and a Bentley Azzure.

Supreme Chamvari, the world's finest consultancy company.

Our I.T and financial consultancy is so sophisticated yet so effective, even rocket scentists look up to us for inspiration. Try us today.

Supreme Management Consulting

Most companies approach us because the face of business is always changing and they are looking for better ways to do things. We help them to be better, bigger, wealthier, and more productive.

Supreme Online & Legacy Marketing

We hate advertising but we love brands. Are we crazy? Of course not! We just think that most advertising is designed to shout at people until they pay attention. Ask us about how we do it.

Web & Software Design Like Non Other

Below is a snapshot of our reach...
Web Analytics
Campaign Analytics
Day to day web statistics
Data warehousing services

Supreme Minds, Supreme Innovation

Because our people are always thinking and looking for solutions to various problems, sometimes we stumble upon solutions to problems that we were not even working on, and then we innovate.

Precision-Engineered Management Consulting Packages.

Enterprise Architecture
Business Structuring and Strategy
Performance and Profitability
Turnaround Strategy
Increasing Revenue
Reducing Costs
Increasing Profit and Shareholder value
Increasing Operational Efficiency
Building Brand Value and Business name
Innovation and New Products
Research and Development
Business Investigations
Business valuations and evaluations
Risk management and insurance
Forensic/fraud investigations
Agreed upon procedures audits
IFRS compliance
Business systems and controls

That's what we do :)

Google Adwords Campaigns

Google the ultimate advertising platform, only if you know how to use it. We do. We run more than 20 google adwords campaigns, worth more than R10 mil in value. We will get your campaign running with the most relevant keywords for your business, all set within 24 hours...
Ask us how we do it.

Directory Listing

Need to list your business on an online directory that offers the best value for money and precision-targeted categories? Look no further, our inhouse mega-directory, PowerHouse Ads, s available. With only 10 or less listings per category, this is SA's first and only limited listings directory...
List here.

Supreme e-Commerce

Need to sell your product but dont know how? We will set up an online shop for you and have your products online and ready to hit the internet market within 24 hours, including payment gatway setups to process credit cards, all with 64bit security systems for your piece of mind...
Ask us how we do it.

Supreme Service Now!

Words fail people.

Supreme service doesn't.

Contact us now and we will be at your beck and call, serving you with your scrumptuos financial and I.T goumet food. Food for though, grab a plate.